My name is Sanam, I’m a first time mom to the most perfect little boy who has brought such an abundance of joy to my life! Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. 


27 year old daughter, wife and now mother. Born and bred in the tiny red dot I will forever be proud to call home, Singapore. 

My husband, the most kind and loving soul I have ever met. Kenyan born who lived half his life in Australia, bumped into me in Singapore. Just months later we had our dream wedding in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. 

I packed my 25 years of life in 4 big boxes and got it shipped to Perth. Moving away from my comfort zone and family was the hardest thing I had to do. I was sad  to leave yet excited to be married. Perth unfortunately wasn’t the happiest place for me. I was new and lost and just couldn’t find my place there however hard I desperately tried. Just a short 9 months later, while I was 5 months pregnant, we got the news of work for my husband in Dubai. 

Without thinking twice we ventured out on a journey to move to Dubai and start a new, it is the best decision we ever made! Dubai is more than home now. It is where our little boy was born and it is a city that has brought to us so much more love than we could ever have imagined! I finally found my place and comfort zone. 

Got my heart and arms wide open to all that life has to offer me!